BAPTISM AT NEWMARKET - 24 November 2018

14th December 2018

Filling a new baptism font at Newmarket-on-Fergus A secondary school student and a young mum were baptised and welcomed into the Newmarket-on-Fergus congregation on 24 November in a joyful baptism ceremony held in a newly constructed baptismal pool on the church property. Extra chairs had to be brought into the church to welcome the large number of visitors who came to witness the event.

Baptism of Axelle HakizimanaThe majority of the visitors were secondary school students from the nearby town of Ennis and class mates of Axelle Hakizimana who invited them to share in her public declaration of her faith

These students had never before visited a Seventh Day Adventist Church and were curious about the beliefs of the members. Axelle is a faithful attender to church and also a talented musician and singer.

It was a dull and misty autumn day in the West of Ireland but just as Axelle stepped into the specially constructed baptismal pool the sun suddenly burst through the clouds as if to highlight the beautiful ceremony. She was embraced by her mum, sisters and friends as she left the pool.

Baptism of Diolet ChikawiyaDiolet Chikawiya, a young mother was surrounded by friends and family and supported by the whole congregation of onlookers as she stepped into the pool to give public testimony to her decision to follow Jesus.

Both candidates were baptised by Pastor Tony O'Rourke and following his appeal, another young mum came forward requesting bible studies and baptism.

At the close of the ceremony the candidates were presented with gifts on behalf of the church members and a very special lunch was served to all who attended.

A gallery of pictures of the event is available on our gallery page.  

[Elizabeth O'Rourke, Photos by Ivars Zubovs]

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