Satellite Navigation

churchfindericonglossOur church finder page is arranged so that Smart-phone users can easily navigate direct to a church using their phone. Simply select the church you want, click 'show on map' and then click 'Get Directions'.

Alternatively you are also welcome to use a specific church finder app designed for the iphone and released in the iTunes Store

Dedicated sat-navs

For many Adventist churches in the UK and Ireland you can simply find the postcode by searching for the church on this website, and then enter it into your satellite navigation device. However, that may only get you within a half mile or so of the church.

Tom Tom

If you have a TomTom or other Sat Nav device you can enter the locations of nearly all of our churches as a "Points of Interest" data file.


Tom-TomDownload the two files below and add them INSIDE the map directory on your TomTom. (This may be labeled "Great_Britain_ map", "Western_and_Central_Europe", or a variation depending on which model or version of TomTom you have purchased.)

To download the files below right click and select "Save Target As..."

uk_adventist.ov2 Last updated 15 October 2015

For more detailed instructions for your particular model visit the TomTom website.

Other formats:

Here are CSV, ASC and converters that you can use with most makes of Sat Nav.

uk_adventist.asc An ASC-text file with the base coding for the POI. Last updated 7 August 2015

uk_adventist.csv A comma-separated file with the base coding for the POI. Can often be used with a converter to enable POI on other makes of Sat Nav.  Last updated 7 August 2015

Automatic Download Conversions for other formats:
Garmin POI (csv) POI (xls)
GPX Exchange format (xml)
POI conversion tools by GPS Data Team

How to find a church 

Start your TomTom device. Tap the main screen. Select "Navigate to", then "Point of Interest". "UK Adventist" should appear on your screen. If not, click on the arrow then scroll down to "UK Adventist".

You will see a list of the churches nearest to your location. If the church you want is further away then click on 'find' and type in the name of the church you want. Select the church, wait for the route to be calculated, follow the directions, then enjoy your worship!

Wrong location?

We believe our church finder is 99% accurate. However, if you find an error, please let us know, preferably providing the exact coordinates in decimal format (eg. Cork church: 51.86849, -8.44201) or explaining exactly where on the map the church should be (eg. 500 meters south of the marked location on the corner of Smith Street and Brown Avenue). Email the details to


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