Being a Christian affects so many parts of a person's life that it is not at all surprising that the church has created various departments to put in place the best possible resources to make the Christian experience so much more meaningful.

Because the Irish Mission is quite small, we have relatively few departments that is run by our own staff. Some are filled by volunteers. We do however benefit from the assistance of the departmental leaders of the British Union (the organisation that oversees the work of the church in Great Britain and Ireland.)

Administrative Departments

President:Dan Serb
Executive Secretary: John Surridge and Paul Lockham (Associate Executive Secretary)
Treasurer: Earl Ramharacksingh

Departments that have designated leaders in the Irish Mission:


Pathfinders: Petru Bogdan Stan

Health Ministries: Elizabeth O'Rourke

Communication: Clid Negosanu

Irish Mission Trust Services: Mart de Groot

Prayer Ministries: Pastor Tony O'Rourke

Children's Ministries: Shupai Matewa

Men's Ministries: Ropo Dare

Stewardship: Pastor Dan Serb 


Contact us

By Mail:
Irish Mission Office
British Union Conference
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United Kingdom
01923 893 212
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